The Rise of the Guild

Amongst the various institutions found throughout the continent of Astor, the rise of the Adventurer’s Guild is perhaps the most often overlooked. Few remember that the Guild began as a small group of adventurers who grew weary of the Succession Wars in Astoria. These adventurers saw the neglect that the would-be kings of Astoria gave their people and sought to right those wrongs.

At this time the year was 1171 WB and the Succession Wars had been raging for almost 20 years. Monsters roamed the country side in vast numbers, leftovers from the defeated grand army that the Orc King Tursk gathered in 1032 WB. Without militia or troops to protect them due to the war, the civilian population began to fall victim to these monsters in ever increasing numbers.

That was when the beginnings of the Adventurer’s Guild came into being. A group of adventurers calling themselves the Band of the Silent Blade organized deserters from the Succession Wars into a cohesive unit to combat the monsters plaguing Astoria. The Band of the Silent Blade fought for nearly 30 years and they fought well, finally driving back the monstrous horde into the mountains and marshes surrounding Astoria in the year 1201WB. At this time the Succession Wars were coming to a close with Lord Pathus ven Astoria being crowned as King Pathus ven Astoria later in that same year. Of course, without the war to occupy the nobles of Astoria, the actions of the Band of the Silent Blade, who had kept a relative low profile, came to light.

King Pathus and the remaining Lords of Astoria were shocked to discover that in the wake of the war, a large military power had come into being right underneath their noses. Seeking to consolidate his newly acquired power, and believing that the Band of the Silent Blade meant to steal his hard won kingdom from beneath him, King Pathus mobilized his army and attacked.

However, King Pathus could not have known the true size and power of the Band of the Silent Blade who counted amongst its members some of the most powerful warriors to have ever lived. The army of King Pathus was handily defeated and Pathus himself was captured and executed. The leadership of the Band of the Silent Blade declared Pathus’s son Faedrin ven Astoria to be the next King of Astoria and demanded that reparations be made to the Band of the Silent Blade for Astoria’s unwarranted attack against them. The Band of the Silent Blade demanded that they become an autonomous institution from the Kingdom of Astoria. In return they promised not to involve themselves in any internal political affairs of the Kingdom and swear a strict non aggression pact. In no position to protest, King Faedrin ven Astoria gave into the demands of the Band of the Silent Blade, who had at that time renamed themselves the Adventurer’s Guild.

With the Succession Wars over and the monsters all defeated, the Guild turned to offering other services to the general public for a small fee, something which became immensely popular as the people loved and adored the Guild for the protection that they had given them during the Succession Wars.

And so the Guild would expand and prosper throughout Astoria, eventually branching out into neighboring Kingdoms until 400 years later in the year 1614 WB it became apart of the continent of Anasatar as a whole, with Guild offices in every major city throughout the known world.

Of course, the Guild could never forget its humble roots and as such created the Adventurer’s Academy in Astoria in the year 1322 WB. The sole purpose of the Academy was to train and promote adventurer’s who would complete contracts for the guild and as such, bettering society as a whole.

The Rise of the Guild

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