The Kingdom of Caedil was founded in the Year 2170AV by a trio of outcast Knights who had been banished from the Kingdom of Jormund for defying the orders of their King to put down an entire town who had spoken publicly against him. Rather than destroy the town, the Knights, their attendants and the population of the town they refused to destroy, fled Jormund and traveled to the wilds of the heavily unexplored region of Caedilia.

They founded a settlement which they called Caedil, and they would live in isolation and harmony for nearly 100 years until the collapse of the Kingdom of Jormund in 2270AV. Caedil would then become a haven for those seeking refuge from the chaos of a collapsing monarchy, and the inevitable war that followed.

By 2320AV Caedil itself had become a teeming metropolis, with dozens of smaller towns and settlements springing up nearby throughout Caedilia. For the last 150 years, Caedil had been ruled by one of the descendants of the three Knights, known by many as the Champions of Caedil for their legendary bravery and prowess. Eventually it had come to pass that the bloodlines of the three Knights had combined into one, as the three lines had intermarried and eventually died out, leaving only the one. As such, Tyrus Kyron was the natural choice to assume absolute rule of Caedilia. With much joy and fanfare, Tyrus was crowned King of Caedil on a cool summer’s eve in the year 2322AV.

Thus, the Kingdom of Caedil was born.


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