World Break

It is said that the very fabric of reality is a fragile thing, held together by the collective will of all sentient beings. What happens when a will more powerful than your own asserts its dominance over a portion of “your” reality? Something has to give.

And so it was when Akris tore a hole in the fabric of reality while crossing over into the Prime Material Plane. The energy produced by this event was so great that it tore Anasatar asunder.

In the days of Creation, Anasatar was but a single super continent, this changed when the world broke as Anasatar split into 5 smaller continents. The second largest of these continents, known as Astor, holds much of the surviving civilization, with the exception of the Galarian Empire, which primarily resides on the continent of Galare to the south of Astor.

Many things changed as a result of the World Break. Empires and Kingdoms that had previously been dominant fell as the climates changed and reduced their once rich and fertile lands into barren wastes. Places that had previously held little to no life suddenly became teeming paradises.

Another, more sinister side effect of the World Break was the rise of the numbers of monster throughout the world. Places that had once been safe and peaceful were soon overrun by hordes of monsters that laid waste to anything in their path. This is a problem that continues to plague Astoria to this day, though the Adventurer’s Guild has for the most part kept the worst of the monsters at bay.

World Break

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