The Shalenbar Expedition

In the history of the Tower of Akris before its fall, only one group of Tower Climbers had made it to the base of Heaven’s Reach. This group was known as the Shalenbar Expedition.

Duke Zaerechs Shalenbar, who at the time was King Darius ven Astoria’s spymaster, was tasked with discovering a method of defeating the god Akris who was known to be invulnerable to any sort of attack.

In order to facilitate his search Zaerechs sought out his old friend and teacher, Adventurer’s Guild Grandmaster Corimyr D’Argath. The two of them traveled for many years throughout Anasatar, researching and finding clues as to the origin of Akris, as well as the events that led up to and after World Break.

Eventually they discovered a means by which they might remove Akris’s legendary invulnerability, two black crystal arrow’s known as the Calin’dare Missiles. The Calin’dare Missiles were made from minuscule fragments of a shard of the One God’s power, giving them the ability to pierce any defense with ease, even the mighty defenses of a nigh invulnerable god.

Armed with the Calin’dare Missiles. Zaerechs and Corimyr organized a group of the most powerful adventurer’s of the age. Amongst their company was the legendary Nivren Talis, a sorceress of unimaginable might, Jolure Bordo, a famous ranger who was renowned for single-handedly defeating an invading orc army, Holis Faren, a powerful cleric of Avandra and a leader of the church, and finally Morlin Naddick, a warrior known for his inhuman strength and battle prowess. Together, these six adventurer’s became known as the Shalenbar Expedition.

It is known through various reports from the Gardens within the Tower that the Shalenbar Expedition cut their way through many of the early sections of the Tower with ease, however what is not clear is what happened to the Expedition when they reached the Flamewyld, the 5th tier of the Tower.

All that is known for sure is that the Shalenbar Expedition made it to the base of Heaven’s Reach, the 6th tier, when disaster struck. After having made it so close to their goal, the Shalenbar Expedition was defeated and destroyed. The only survivor of the doomed adventurer group was Corimyr D’Argath, who barely managed to retreat to the 4th tier Garden before collapsing from his wounds.

When asked what happened to the rest of the expedition, Corimyr’s only words were: “They’re all dead”.

At this time it is not known what became of the Calin’dare Missiles, or what sort of foe the Shalenbar Expedition encountered that could have defeated some of the most powerful warriors to have ever lived.

Corimyr D’Argath has refused to comment on the ill fated expedition.

The Shalenbar Expedition

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