Deities and Religion

The many deities of Anasatar have changed throughout the years. The original Pantheon established by Lord Ao have all but disappeared, with only a few of the mightiest of that age continuing to hang on to their divine power as nothing more than vestiges, broken shells of their former selves.

After the events of the Advent, Lord Ao imported in successful deities from other planes of existence. However, this was never intended to be a permanent solution.

Upon the events of the Grand Apotheosis, and the subsequent ousting of all non native deities, Anasatar has stabilized in a way it had not since its creation.

The Pantheon

Greater Deities

Aurellia (Chaotic Evil) – Goddess of Lies, Evil, and Malice

Jaegerius (Neutral Good) – God of Battle, Tactics, and Honor

Morsma (True Neutral) – God of Death and Magic

Alpherion (Lawful Evil) – God of Sin, Fear and Tyranny

Zosha (Chaotic Neutral) – God of Rogues, Trickery, and Adventure

Elexium (Lawful Good) – Goddess of Life, Good, and Nature

Bastion (Chaotic Good) – God of Winter, Strength, Barbarians, and Dragonborn

Kria (Neutral Evil) – Goddess of Fire, Rage, and Vengeance

The Wanderer

His name is long lost to legend, but it is known that there exists an immortal being who has appeared time and time again throughout history. Whenever he appears, change follows. Some call him the Harbinger, others, Doom-bringer, but most know him as The Wanderer.

His purpose is unknown, but he has been present at almost every major event in Anasatar’s history since his first appearance in 2131WB.

The Cult of the Wanderer – There exists an order of clerics who worship The Wanderer as a god. While not a deity in his own right, The Wanderer has power beyond the ken of any mere mortal. Having come into contact with a fragment of the power of the One God in his past, and having been offered Apotheosis to godhood on more than one occasion, The Wanderer is able to grant clerics spells much like any deity, though he is unable to do so on a large scale. As a consequence, there are few clerics of any real power that worship The Wanderer.

Deities and Religion

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