Kel'Morde Part 1

And so the adventure begins...

The party walks into the entrance hall of Kel’Morde. The floor is made of the finest polished marble, and white marble pillars rise high up to a deep vaulted ceiling. Chandeliers of glowing crystal shine blue and white light down into the hall below, casting everything in cool tones of blue and purple. In the center of the hall is a large ornate fountain, also made of marble. Water flows down from the fountain to rest in a pool at the fountains base. A soft glow emanates from the fountain.

After tasting the water of the fountain, the party finds that the fountain provides the effects of a Heal spell to any who drink it, refreshing and revitalizing the person. The fountain not only heals the character back up to full, but also refreshes them as if they had just taken a full rest. The water from this fountain can be carried but it loses its potency away from the fountain source.

The party continues east into the second room. In this room, they see a swarm of spider-like automatons frozen in midair and along the ground and ceiling, clearly in the midst of an attack. Their target appears to be a young Aasimar man holding up a glowing golden orb high into the air, a shout of victory or defiance on his lips. A thin mostly transparent and slightly shimmering field separates this scene, seemingly frozen in time from the players. The only visible exit from the room appear to be behind the field.

Naddle postulates that it is some sort of time altering effect, but can’t know for certain. Scott’s character spots a similar orb to the one that the Aasimar is holding, discarded on the ground away from the shimmering time field. With Naddle, James and Cat in tow, they begin to study the orb only to inadvertently activate it and trap themselves in a similar time field. This also has the unfortunate effect of nullifying the other field, releasing the swarm of spider automatons and Aasimar.

Reacting quickly, Ryan goes on the offensive, saving the Aasimar from a quick and brutal death. The Aasimar (Steven’s character) thinking quickly, reaches into his pack and produces a small device, which he lobs into the swarm of automatons, causing a massive explosion which destroys the vast majority of them. It is a simple mop up afterwards.

Steven introduces himself. He was once apart of a party of adventurers who had entered Kel’Morde after discovering they keystone to the entrance deep within the Royal valuts of a kingdom that had once existed in the area. Steven asks what the current date is, and is shocked to find hundreds of years have passed. Everyone he knows and loves is likely dead, even the more long lived races.



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