Into Kel'Morde

With the events of the previous day out of the way, life in Shepard’s Rest returns to normal. The party, with nothing else to do and with some newly found magical loot to offload, decided to head into the capitol city Faradyn.

After several days of travel, the party arrives at Faradyn and is immediately assaulted by the noise and stench of the city. The city itself is in a rather poor state, with the once populous and bustling market places reduced to a few stubborn food vendors and hawkers. These merchants look like they are struggling to get by, and it seems doubtful that they would have the coin to purchase any magical goods.

Ryan, a once proud member of the local thieves guild, knows of one place that often traded in magical artifacts and devices. The party soon finds themselves in a small cul-de-sac tucked away back behind some side streets off the main stretch of road from the city gates. At the back of the cul-de-sac is their destination, a shop by the name of Curious Curiosities.

The proprietor of this shop is a halfling wizard by the name of Naddle Spritzkowitz, an eccentric character with a taste for ancient history and Galarian artifacts.

Naddle, upon seeing the markings on the magical items the party is trading determines them to be of Galarian make. After questioning the party on where they found the items, Naddle gives them a proposal. He doesn’t have the gold to directly purchase any of the party’s items since he hasn’t made a sale in months due to the poor economy, and there being very few adventurers active these days. Instead, he proposes that he fund an expedition to the ruins where the party discovered the magical items.

As they are negotiating details, someone else enters the store, a young Monk who is there to inquire about a magical rock that he found in the Northern wilds. Naddle determines that the rock is a Galarian keystone, a magical device that can open sealed Galarian Vaults. He determines that their meeting must be destiny, and the party is convinced to take on the expedition alongside Naddle.

The party once again ventures forth into the wilderness, with two new companions, Naddle and the mysterious young Monk who had brought them the keystone. After two weeks journey, the party returns once again to the Galarian ruins they had liberated from the goblins and gnolls.

On their return, they encounter a pack of Dire Wolves with a powerful Winter Wolf alpha. The party does battle with the Winter Wolf, grievously injuring it. The Winter Wolf, a sentient magical being, surrenders to the party when his defeat is assured. In return for sparing his life, the Winter Wolf agrees to give the party information as to the whereabouts of a hidden Galarian Vault in the ruins of the city.

The Wolf leads the party to a vast mine shaft situated within the canyon walls surrounding the city. There is a set of spiral stairs leading hundreds of feet down in the shaft until a magical crystalline lift is found. The party parts ways with the Winter Wolf and rides the lift down into the shaft until the light of the sun above is but a tiny pinprick of light.

They find themselves on a stone landing, standing before a massive stone door, flanked on either side by hundred foot tall statues of mighty Galarian Templar. The keystone begins to glow and pulse, affected by the presence of a Galarian Vault Door. Using the keystone, the party unlocks the doors and are met by a blast of foul miasma and a deep voice.

“How interesting…Insects come to play in my home? Enter if you dare.”

The party, steeling themselves for battle, enter the Vault of Kel’Morde, uncertain as to what dangers may lay within…



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