The Tower

The Tower of Akris first appeared in the year 1427WB in the Valley of Uruk within the confines of central Astoria, rising up from the ground in what could at the time only be described as a veritable maelstrom of chaos.

King Carak ven Astoria, the reigning king at that time led a massive expedition to investigate the tower. What he would find could not be described even in the darkest of nightmares.

25,000 men entered the tower, and but three days later, only one returned.

The man, a mere foot soldier in Carak’s army stumbled into the Astorian capitol of Astar, not but a few days later, rambling about dark gods and monstrous horrors. Before he expired, he muttered the final words: “The dark god Akris approaches… all will turn to ash…”

Prince Garrow ven Astoria, Carak’s son and heir, soon to be king, declared the area surrounding the tower off limits and began a massive military campaign to “cleanse” the tower.

Not willing to lead an incursion into the tower immediately, Garrow ordered the construction of a fortress at the tower’s base in front of its gates.

Thus was the beginnings of Veritus, a military stronghold that would one day become the most heavily populated city in Astoria.

The Tower

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