The Dark Lord Traedis

Devon Traedis, Champion of Caedil

In the year 3030AV, a wizard by the name of Devon Traedis discovered, in a hidden tomb deep within the Caedil Mountains, two artifacts of immense power. It was a pair of wands, one made of ebon stone of unknown origin, deathly cold to the touch, the other, made of a crystal of the purest white, which pulsated with a warm inner light.

These were the Wands of Balance, which had once belonged to the two faced god Murion, god of Good and Evil before his fall at the beginning of Advent. The wands were crafted from the dual essences of Murion and contained unfathomable power. The black wand became known as the Wand of Darkness, and the white wand, the Wand of Light.

Traedis took the wands, and stepped into legend. Over the next six years, Devon Traedis would lead a magical Renaissance, making discoveries of magics long thought to be lost.

He became a legend seemingly overnight, using the power granted to him by the wands to create a name for himself and secure the Kingdom of Caedil from any and all aggressors. He was named the 72nd Champion of Caedil for his services to the Kingdom, and all was seemingly well.

The Fall

It was no secret that Devon had obtained artifacts of immense power. In fact, he was famous for them, so it came as no surprise when a daring thief bypassed all of Traedis’s protections and stole the Wand of Light.

Traedis was furious, and vowed to hunt down the scoundrel who had dared make a mockery of him. Traedis would soon disappear into the underbelly of Caedil, searching for the thief.

Unknown to anyone, the Wands of Balance were meant to be used in conjunction with each other, and were never intended to be used separately. Traedis, who had in his possession the Wand of Darkness, began to fall prey to the wand’s dark influence, slowly but surely falling into the temptations of evil. He delved into the dark forbidden arts of magic, namely necromancy and blood rituals, and over the next three years became utterly unrecognizable.

As for the thief, the Wand of Light had slowly begun to change him as well. Where once there had been a callous and calculating man, there now stood a kind and compassionate one.

The Dark Lord Traedis

The year was now 3039AV, and the Kingdom of Caedil suddenly and without warning found itself under attack by an army of countless undead. At the head of the army was Devon Traedis, now almost completely unrecognizable as the former Champion of Caedil, he had become the self styled Dark Lord Traedis.

War raged, and the still living Champions of Caedil were slain in the ensuing conflict. Champion-less, it seemed that the Kingdom of Caedil would fall after nearly 2000 years of prosperous existence. It was at this time that the thief, who had stolen the Wand of Light almost three years ago, returned to Caedil to return the artifact he had stolen. Not knowing who to turn to, and seeing that the wizard he had stolen the wand from had gone completely evil, he returned the wand to King. Much research had been done on the wands, and it was known that should the two wands meet once again, balance would be restored.

Amongst the Armies of Caedil there was a single squad of soldiers, all former adventurers who had answered their homelands call to arms. These men and women had proven themselves to be amongst the greatest Caedil had to offer, and so the King called upon them to undertake a dangerous, and in the eyes of many, suicidal mission.

The soldiers were tasked with taking the Wand of Light and infiltrating Traedis’ stronghold. Once there they were to defeat Traedis and reunite the Wand of Light with its dark brother, and bring their power back into balance.

The Caedilian soldiers did as they were asked, infiltrating the Dark Lord’s stronghold, and it was there that they faced the might of one who had mastered the power of darkness. It was a long and brutal battle, but the soldiers persevered, and using the power of the Wand of Light, defeated Traedis.

With no master, the undead army sank back into the earth, never to be heard from again.

The soldiers would be named Champions of Caedil, and the Kingdom would see peace for another 20 years…

The Dark Lord Traedis

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