Promotions and Rank Advancement

In order to rise above the rank of Trainee, a Guild member must complete what is called a Rank 2 Exam. This exam is given to the Trainee by a panel of Masters who evaluate the Trainees prowess in battle and in knowledge. If the Masters find the Trainee to be acceptable, the Trainee is promoted to Rank 2 pending a review by the Grandmaster of their associated college.

Advancement through further ranks is at the discretion of the Masters of the Guild member’s associated college. Generally advancement occurs when the Guild member in question successfully performs a certain amount of duties for the Guild in the form of contracts.

Masters are appointed by the Grandmaster of an associated college from the pool of Rank 7 members in that college.

Grandmasters are appointed directly by the Guild Master.

The Guild Master is elected from one of the six Grandmasters

Promotions and Rank Advancement

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