None are sure exactly when Akris appeared, but it is undeniable that he exists and that he is a malevolent force in the world.

The first reports of Akris begin in the year 3021AV when a small town in the Principality of Lome was suddenly and mysteriously voided of all life in a single night. Investigations into the sudden slaughter of all the townspeople led to the discovery of a necromantic cult worshiping an entity known only at that time as “The Dark One”.

Prince Morrick D’nestro, horrified that one of his towns had been slaughtered, ordered his military to wipe out the cultists. Thus they marched on the cultists and destroyed them. Or so they thought.

Several of the leaders of the cult had survived and disappeared into the wilds.

32 years later, the cult would once again reappear in the Kingdom of Caedil, leading to the events of Champions Fall, Champions Rise.

70 years later in 3091AV prophets of the so called “Dark One” began appearing in every major city across the continent of Anasatar yelling and screaming portents of doom. Many of these so called “prophets” were captured and killed as heretics, but in several dark places around the world, people listened, and the arrival of Akris was at hand.

With enough believers in Anasatar Akris was able to manifest himself in the Prime Material plane as a deity. His arrival culminated in the disastrous event known as the World Break, which changed the face of Anasatar forever.


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