Alpha Hellfire

Alpha Hellfire
Level 22 Tiefling Avenger
+1 vs. Stun, Daze, Immobilize, and Restrain
+2 vs. Ongoing Damage
Cannot roll below 10 on Death saves
Armor Class
Extra +4 (Con Bonus) with Second Wind
Extra +1 with Form of Winter’s Herald
Extra +1 with Form of the Panther
Living Construct
Can’t fail death saves, +2 saves vs. ongoing
Warforged Resolve
Use Warforged Resolve as an encounter power
Warforged Mind
Gain +1 racial bonus to Will defense
Font of Life
Roll a save versus one effect before each turn
Add Con modifier to AC, and again with second wind
Nature’s Wrath
Mark all adjacent enemmies as a free action
Weapon Proficiency (Greatspear)
Proficient with Greatspears
Warforged Tactics
Gain +1 to hit if an ally is adjacent to the target
Weapon Expertise (Spears)
Gain +1 to attack rolls with Spears
Arcane Student Who Saw Too Much
+1 to saves vs. daze, stun, immobilize, and restrain
Warden’s Fury
ST vs. AC • 1[W] + ST and combat advantage
Warden’s Grasp
No Attack • Pull target 1 square
Weight of Earth
ST vs. AC • 1[W] + ST and slow target
Thorn Strike
ST vs. AC • Reach, 1[W] + ST and pull target 1
Warforged Resolve
Gain 3 + HL Temp HP, heal same if bloodied
Hungry Earth
ST vs. FT • Burst 1, 1[W] + ST and difficult terrain
Grasping Earth
ST vs. AC • 1[W] + ST and target can’t shift
Form of Winter’s Herald
+1 AC, resist 5 cold, difficult terrain aura, attack
Form of the Relentless Panther
+2 RF, +1 to hit marked, shift 2 as move, attack
Nature’s Abundance
Close Burst 3, cover to allies, persists
Bear’s Endurance
Heal surge value when dropped unconscious
Grasping Greatspear +2
Reach. Can be used to Grab.
Power (Encounter) – Add a Grab to an attack
Screaming Hide Armor +1
Power (Encounter) – Target suffers -2 to hit until
end of next turn
Couters of Second Chances
Power (Daily) – Reroll a missed melee attack
Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1
May spend two surges with a second wind

As Mephistopheles looked out over the frozen waste land of his home, he once again smiled to himself, as he realized just how foreboding it looked. He could hear the screams of some nameless devil that had not been quick enough to get out of the way of one of the giant glaciers that moved across the surface; and almost laughed at the thought of the creature trapped under the slow moving object, crushed bit by bit and not able to move due the paralyzing magic which Mephistopheles had place on the glaciers himself. “One day,” he said to himself, “it will be that pompous slug that I listen to scream as his last bit of life is squeezed out of him.”

Sensing that her master was once again dropping into one of his moods Baalphegar slowly moved up to Mephistopheles and began to stroke his horns. She hated it when he got into these moods, usually as a result of thinking about his arch rival Baalzebul and the defeat he had suffered in the reckoning of hell. It was not so much that she hated him being angry. A devil herself, and having lived in the nine hells all her life, anger was nothing new to Baalphegar. It was the messes that usually resulted from the anger which she hated. Last time she had not only lost her son, someone she hoped would eventually be strong enough to kill Mephistopheles, and allow her to control all of Cania though the child, but it had also resulted in this ridiculous new scheme of giving control over hellfire to his followers on the prim material. Baalphegar knew that Mephistopheles was prone to rash gambles, but this seemed reckless even for him. However, just to take his mind off what ever it was that was bothering him she decided to ask him to explain it one more time, nothing put him in a better mood than demonstrating his own brilliance.

“My Lord tell me again of your plan to gain the power necessary to destroy the bloated one.”

He knew what she was doing but in order to keep up the illusion he had created to hide his true plans he knew that he had no choice but to tell it again. “My goal is to learn how to give the ability to control hellfire to my followers on the prime material. Once I have accomplished this my flock will grow by leaps and bounds. Soon I will have enough power to summon up an army that not even Asmodeus himself will be able to defeat. With this army I will first crush the slug in the seventh level and use the power he has stored to capture Asmodeus in this gem. The gem, you see, is a powerful magical artifact that was stolen from one of the greater gods and will allow me to transfer all of his power into me. Once this happens I will not only be able to conquer hell but the entire astral sea.” With this he let out a laugh that that sounded even colder that the harsh landscape surrounding his citadel.

Baalphegar almost laughed to as she thought of how blind he seemed. He had said nothing of how he was destabilizing the power structure thought his entire realm. Forcing the old, entrenched, and powerful ice devils into the far reaches where they could plot and bring in young overly ambitious flame devils that would never be able to hold their own in an actual power struggle. But who could nevertheless cause great amounts of harm. Nor did he mention that fact that he was being forced to barrow divine power in alarmingly large amounts from not only his allies, and even a few of his enemies. Yes Baalphegar could see the end now that Mephistopheles destroyed by the hands of his creditors, had his realm torn to pieces by civil war, and left her having to find a new “master.” It did not matter though, for that was the way of the devils and any one that could not handle it quickly died. Besides for a devil as beautiful and talented as she was it would not be hard to find some one else that would enjoy her services. With these thoughts running through her head she once again stroked his horns and whispered into his ear “Your plan is remarkable my lord.”

Mephistopheles had grown tired of the game by this point and pushed her away saying “Leave me to my thoughts.” Knowing the danger of disobeying him when he was in this mood, Baalphegar quickly left, thinking of whom she would go to when this fool was dead.

Once he was alone Mephistopheles congratulated himself once again on the magnificent performance he was creating. The hellfire plot had been nothing but a mask for his true motives, although one that at this point it seemed like it might pay off. His real plans were far grander indeed. The son that Baalphegar had hoped would one day kill him, were in fact in the process of learning how to do just that. Every step he took was a move towards helping Mephistopheles achieve his own ends. Those years ago when he had found out that Baalphegar had been hiding a son from him for a hundred years Mephistopheles had known exactly what she was planning, and knew that the child must go. It was then that his grand plane had been created. Mephistopheles had sent the child to the prime material plane to be born to one of the human consorts that he kept, in the process eliminating all traces of the child’s original mother. There he hoped that it would grow to become one of the leaders in his personal cult, but fate had changed that.

When the child was only ten years old it had become so angry that it had actually killed its mother and siblings. While this was not a big deal for Mephistopheles it seemed to have broken something in the child’s head. The child had become so distressed at killing its “family” that it had run away into one of the miserable little place that humans call a village. There the child had met with another young tiefling named Omega. Omega who had just lost an older brother to a raid by goblins thought that Mephistopheles son was in fact his bother, Alpha. Having nowhere else to go Alpha followed Omega to his house were he was promptly taken in as an orphan from one of the outlaying farms. It was in this thrice cursed home that Alpha had been taught to control his anger and to act with compassion and care; the words sent a shiver down Mephistopheles spine. Later on the child had fallen in with a hoard of followers of Kord and had eventually become a paladin; not only a paladin but one of the worst kinds of paladin, always tying to protect the week and absolutely obsessed with trying to atone for his sins. It was sickening, or at least that’s what Mephistopheles first thought, before he realized just how well the child had played into his plans.

Before he had sent the young devil to the prime material plane he had place a rune on the wrist of the childes left arm. This rune directly connected the child with the gem. The fact of the matter was that the gem was not some power conduit that would allow him to siphon power from other devils but was actually a sort of soul storing device that allowed Mephistopheles to collect and concentrate the souls he captured into a convenient place. Alpha’s connection to the gem provided Mephistopheles with a couple advantages. The first was that it allowed Mephistopheles to read, and to some extent control the child’s thoughts. His first experiments with this had resulted in the death of Alpha’s first “family.” The second part was that it allowed Mephistopheles to collect the soul of any living creature that Alpha slew. This last was by far the most important. For, Alpha, true to his heritage, left a path of blood were ever he moved. Given it was the blood of evil creatures but still a simple evacuation of all Mephistopheles’ minions on the prime material made sure that it was his enemies’ minions that were killed, and with every kill the gem absorbed more energy. So every time that the self righteous paladin slew an evil enemy for the good of his God he was in fact adding to Mephistopheles’ power. The beauty of it put a smile on Mephistopheles face every time he thought of it. To make matters even better Alpha had gotten it into his head to climb the tower of Acarus and destroy the shadow of Asmodeus at the top. Alpha was guaranteed to destroy thousands of creatures along the way, and of course the shadow at the top, destroying the most powerful expression of Asmodeus’ power in the prime material. Plus, to top it all off when all was said and done Mephistopheles would able to absorb any one who Alpha had created bonds with, or in other words the group of extremely powerful adventures who he traveled with. With that much power stored in the gem Mephistopheles would be able to enact the second part of his plan.

As much as he hated to admit it Mephistopheles knew that he would never be able to use that much power in any kind of controlled manner, so why try to. Once he had siphoned off all the power he could from Alpha he would transfer the energy he had been saving for the last twenty years into the gem. The fools that so closely watched him believed that he was barrowing divine energy from his allies and enemies to power his hellfire plot, what they did not know was that in actuality creating hellfire took very little energy, if done the right way. The power he was barrowing was not being wasted on the experiment but was being saved and stored underneath his citadel. So even with the lose of incoming power he had suffered from pulling his minions out of the prime material Mephistopheles was still reaping about twice his usual amount of energy. At the right moment all this power would be transferred to the gem, making it highly unstable. This is were the beauty of the plan came into its fullest. Mephistopheles would then hand deliver the gem as a gift to Asmodeus. When the gem came into the contact with the raw power that emanated from Asmodeus the unstable gem would explode destroying not only Asmodeus but also the entire level of Nessus. Given the blast would destroy Mephistopheles’ body also, but arrangements had been made to take care of that. The link that he had with Alpha could also serve a third purpose, the transfer of Mephistopheles’ soul into Alpha’s body. With Alpha so distressed at the lost of his friends it would be a simple matter for Mephistopheles to over power his mind and take control. So the plan came full circle, with Asmodeus gone, Mephistopheles, in his new body, would be free to return to hell and destroy all those who oppose him, including that bloated slug of the seventh level. To top it all off if the worst happen and Mephistopheles was discovered and killed before he was ready to destroy Nessus he would simply be able to transfer to Alpha’s body and hatch a new plan. It was so perfect that nothing could through it off course, all Mephistopheles had to do was bide his time and wait for Alpha and his companions to destroy Asmodeus’ shadow at the top of the tower of Acarus. It so overjoyed Mephistopheles that he let out another one of his icy cold laughs and decided to go and see just which of the devils had been trapped by the ice burg, and if he was fast enough he might be able to see its last few minuets of life.

Far away on the prime material Alpha awoke from a dead sleep and new that the two way link between him and his father had once again allowed him to hear his fathers thoughts, and the only thing that scared him more that that was the fact that he knew time was running out to stop him.

Alpha Hellfire

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