Princess Telaria Sariel

A tall, pale skinned, long blonde hairred princess on the run from her life in her kingdom, seeking adventure wherever she goes...


Princess Telaria Sariel was a tall, slim Eladrin girl with blue eyes and long blonde hair. She was the heir to the throne of Sariel Kingdom, destined to be queen. Telaria was born to the King Theodore Sariel, and the Queen Talia Sariel. At a young age, Telaria would sneak into the kitchens learning to cook from chef Bethryanna. She began to be able to cook just as well as the chef herself, and even helped with the dinners for her parents’ royal dinners. Much to her parents’ knowledge, she would go out with the grounds hunters, Aramil and the young Erevan, learning how to hunt and be sneaky about it. Telaria was taught to read and write quite well by her Professors Sir Paelias and Madam Navaria. Telaria was always a friendly girl and befriended all of her teachers.

Telaria was quite young when she first met the Duke and Duchess Telgaria. They weren’t very friendly people and neither were their children. Their daughter Lady Isabella was an older girl with long brown curls and bright green eyes. She was as spoiled as they come and felt as if every guy out there would want her. Her brother, Lord Virgil, was just as spoiled and equally as girly. Telaria often wondered if he might like boys better than girls himself.

Telaria’s father soon began to have the Telgaria family over quite often, inviting them to royal dinners and even a few family events. After a while of shared events, in which Telaria began to dislike, her father explained to her that she and Virgil were to be wed when they were older. Over the years, Telaria’s dislike for Virgil grew. Whenever he or his family made a request of her father, he would do whatever he asked; no matter how ridiculous it may have been. Duchess Telgaria used every spare moment, which was a lot, to make wedding plans. Queen Talia barely got to say her opinion of what should be happening; she even began disliking the Duchess and the idea of this arranged marriage.

Telaria always hated the idea of being married off to someone she disliked so much; so she decided to run away from the kingdom. Sad to leave what friends she did have and her parents, but felt there was no other way. She visited the chef and the kitchen workers to say good bye, as well as the hunters. She left her professors cordial good bye notes and left a note for her mother. Her mother would understand more than her father would since it was her father’s decision to have her marry Virgil.

After traveling for quite a while she came upon an adventurer’s guild. Figuring that no one she knew could possibly find her there, or at least they shouldn’t, she decided to join. Upon arriving in the guild Telaria crossed paths with a young human boy named Zo. After introducing herself, Zo pointed her in, what seemed the right direction, for her to apply. After departing from the young boy she noticed him running wildly away from what seemed like a flying brick. Once Telaria had filed all her papers she ventured out to find her sleeping quarters on some more detailed instructions than from what she had gotten from the boy. By the time she got herself settled in, she began to get hungry and decided to go grab some food. While she was walking along she heard someone shout from behind her “Toss the Zo”. Before she could turn to find out what could possibly be going on, she was knocked over by a rather tall red tiefling. Looking up rather shocked, Telaria saw another tiefling, this one was blue. As he helped her to her feet, he introduced himself as Alpha Hellfire, his brother who had knocked into her as Omega Hellfire, and once again she was introduced to the young boy she had met before. They all began to talk and started to head to grab some food. Arriving to a food court she met a young eladrin woman named Arealla, Zo seemed to not like her very much, but Telaria didn’t think much of it. Along with Arealla, Telaria met a dragonborn by the name of Rayearth.

Upon adventuring with the group she has met, she began to develop feelings for her fellow adventurer, Alpha. They have now started a relationship.

Princess Telaria Sariel

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