Rufio ven Astoria III

A young man who desires his father's approval above all else


Rufio is a Crown Prince of Astoria and is third in line to the throne after his elder brothers Darien and Loruk.

Much like most of his family, Rufio suffers from a high degree of arrogance, something which often makes others dismiss him as a pampered royal brat. However, unlike his brothers and father, Rufio recognizes this flaw and works to suppress it, something which he often finds difficult having been raised to view himself as superior to everyone else.

As a child, Rufio was often overlooked by his father, King Darius who focused mainly on his primary heir Darien. Rufio’s greatest desire is to have his father recognize him over his brothers and proclaim him as heir designate so that he might one day become King of Astoria.

To prove himself, Rufio left the Astorian Court life behind and joined the Adventurer’s Guild at the age of 17. After graduating at age 20, Rufio returned to the capitol only to find that his presence had not been missed, and that in fact he was not wanted or really even needed at court. Enraged, Rufio knew that the only way he could garner attention would be to perform a feat of great heroism.

Upon hearing that the monsters of the Tower of Akris were going into hibernation Rufio knew that his destiny lay at the top of the Tower and that if he were to ever become king he would have to prove himself above everyone by defeating Akris.

Thus Rufio entered the Tower with but a handful of his closest friends and confidants from both the Guild and the Astorian Court.

Rufio has a small rivalry with Zo Shalenbar, whom he recognizes as the son of Duke Zaerechs Shalenbar. Though he acts antagonistic towards Zo, Rufio awaits the day that he reclaims his father’s titles so that he might support him and hopefully gain a powerful ally in his bid to the throne.

Of his siblings, Rufio fears his sister Vestia the most, as he is one of the few to know the true nature behind the innocent facade that she wears.

Currently Rufio has entered the Fourth Tier of the Tower of Akris known as the Ether Storm.

Rufio ven Astoria III

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