Erian Falger

A quick witted young man who's skill with a pen has earned him the title of Head Scribe of the Adventurer's Guild


Erian Falger – Minstrel of the Academia Professio

Race: Human

Age: 21

Level: 12

Class: Bard

Paragon Path: Summer Rhymer


Erian joined the Adventurer’s Guild at the age of 16 to follow in his elder brother’s footsteps in becoming a member of the Academia Proelium. However, Erian found that he had little of his brother’s natural talent with a blade and found his attention wandering to the arts, especially writing. As such, Erian soon changed his college affiliation to that of Academia Professio.

Erian was found to be an organizational genius when he came up with a system to file and catalog all of the Academia Professio’s many scrolls and manuscripts in their library so that he could find them easier during his studies.

Grandmaster Telia Clearwater, seeing Erian’s potential, soon made him the head of the Adventurer Guild’s scribes, putting his highly organized mind to work on coming up with a better system of registration for incoming Guild recruits and applicants.

Erian tends to complain loudly about his job, citing paperwork as the bane of his existence, though anyone who knows him well knows that he relishes his position and wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Erian Falger

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