Mirian Xarin

A young woman out to prove herself to the world and step out of her grandfather's shadow as a mage of great renown


Age: 22

Sex: Female

Height: 5’8”


Heroic Class: Wizard

Paragon Class: Spellstorm Mage

Epic Destiny: Archmage








AC:40; Fort:40; Reflex:38; Will:45

Attack Bonus: +32

Speed: 8


Mirian is a well known figure at the Adventurer’s Academy as the granddaughter of Guild Master Temmericus Xarin. Following in his footsteps as a member of Academia Magicae, Mirian seeks to make a name for herself and step out of her grandfather’s shadow to be recognized as a great mage on her own merits.

Mirian tends to take a motherly role with her friends, always making sure that they are well taken care of and healthy. She is especially fond of her two best friends Palavan Rowrie, whom she had a brief romantic relationship with, and Lillia Luvere, whom she views as a younger sister.

Mirian has a slight voyeuristic streak in that she is extremely skilled in the use of skrying devices and divination, which she uses to spy (she calls it peeking in) on various people around the Guild. This has lead her to discover several traitors in the Guild, much to her grandfather’s joy and amusement.

Currently, Mirian is a part of the Guild Expedition into the Tower of Akris (though not through legal means).

Mirian Xarin

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