Lillia Luvere

A beautiful young woman with a love of adventure


Age: 15

Sex: Female

Height: 5’2”


Heroic Class: Rogue

Paragon Class: Daggermaster

Epic Destiny: Deadly Trickster








AC:44; Fort:40; Reflex:50; Will:38

Attack Bonus: +35

Speed: 10


Lillia Luvere joined the Adventurer’s Guild at the age of 2 when her family was brutally murdered by a Warlord named Jaerack who was attempting to carve himself out a small kingdom. The Guild was called in to deal with Jaerack, and he was soon killed there after. Lilia was discovered in the wreckage of her home by then Master Lilia Evermoore, and was subsequently taken into her care shortly after.

Lillia grew up amongst the open fields and halls of the Adventurer’s Academy with Lilia Evermoore as her mother figure and caretaker and eventually began to take classes at the academy herself, where she was hailed as a once in a lifetime prodigy.

None could match her in her quick thinking and combat ability until a slightly klutzy and often forgetful young boy by the name of Zo Shalenbar entered the academy.

At first she was jealous of the praise and attention he recieved, especially since he became a sort-of apprentice to the Academia Umbria Grand Master Corimyr D’Argath, a man who was often said to be the greatest rogue to have ever lived.

Soon however, her feelings of jealousy turned to those of admiration as she learned of Zo’s circumstances and exactly how similar his life was to hers in the fact they were both orphaned at a young age. However, in Zo’s case he hadn’t been lucky enough to have someone stumble upon him immediately and had survived on his own on the streets until Corimyr D’Argath found him.

Lillia is often accused of being haughty and generally aloof, though this stems from the fact that she is so much younger then most of her peers at the Adventurer’s Guild and feels the need to prove herself. In truth, Lillia can be a very kind and caring girl, though getting her to admit her feelings on anything is like pulling teeth.

Currently Lillia is apart of the Guild Expedition into the Tower of Akris (though not through legal means), and has started a relationship with Zo Shalenbar.

Lillia Luvere

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