Corimyr D'Argath

Corimyr D’Argath – Grandmaster of the Academia Umbria

_God of Rogues, Thieves, Trickery and Treasure Hunters_

Race: Human (Divine)

Level: 35

Classs: Rogue

Paragon Path: Daggermaster

Epic Destiny: Demigod

Alignment: Unaligned

Deity: Ao (Exarch)

Combat Statistics:

Corimyr D’Argath

Level 32 Solo Skirmisher
p. Medium Immortal Humanoid

XP 115,000

Initiative: +45

Senses: Perception +47

HP 1420; Bloodied 710

AC 55; Fortitude 53, Reflex 60, Will 53

Immune disease, poison; Resist 50 variable (3/encounter)

Saving Throws +5

Speed 15

Class Features: First Strike, Rogue Tactics, Rogue Weapon Talent, Sneak Attack +5d8, Daggermaster’s Action, Dagger Precision, Dagger Advantage, Divine Spark, Divine Recovery, Divine Miracle

(Weapon) Gloom and Bolt (standard; at-will) * Magical Weapons (+7 Daggers, Element)
p. +45 vs. AC; 2d10 + 15; plus 6d6 Frost or Lightning damage, and the target is stunned (save ends), Corimyr may shift 5 spaces after attack.

Alignment Unaligned

Languages Common, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic

Skills: Thievery +61, Stealth +56, Dungeoneering +47, Insight +47, Perception +47, Bluff +50, Streetwise +45, Athletics +42, Acrobatics +42

Str 27 (22) Dex 44 (32) Con 26 (+23)

Int 28 (23) Wis 24 (22) Cha 30 (+25)


Corimyr is not native to the world of Anasatar, hailing from the world of Aber-Toril, most notably from the continent of Faerun. He has left his home plane when he began to grow restless with the constant infighting and politics of the Faerunian Pantheon.

Upon entering Anasatar, Corrimyr and his long time friend, traveling companion and fellow demi-god, Rurrick were recruited by the Adventurer’s Guild, where they quickly rose through the ranks to reach the level of Grandmaster. Only the Guildmaster Temericus Xarin knows of their “less” than mortal natures.

Corimyr is a very easy person to like as he has a sense of mischief and joviality about him that few can match. He is a master story teller, lyricist, and practical joker, and those who hold his company never want for entertainment. His ascension to godhood has not dulled his taste for mortal entertainment and dalliances in the slightest.

While many are familiar with his light hearted and jovial nature, very few have ever seen Corimyr’s more serious side. When the time calls for it, there are few who can match Corimyr for cold and ruthless efficiency. Those that stand in his way when he has a mission to complete are destroyed without a second thought.

While a thief, braggart and all around general rogue, Corimyr has a personal code of honor that he will not deviate from no matter the cost. Cormyr will never steal from women, children, or the poor. Everyone else however, is fair game. Corimyr hates those who abuse women and children, and will hunt down and administer “justice” to those that do.

Having entered Anasatar as a god of rogues and trickery, followers of Sehanine tend to dislike Corimyr as many rogues, bards and even some wizards and warlocks who specialize in deceptive magics have converted away from Sehanine. Her followers view this as outright thievery (and so it is) of an aspect of Sehanine’s portfolio, but what can one expect from a god of rogues and thieves?

Relationships: Corimyr is good friends with Rurrick whom he has known since before his apotheosis to godhood. The two often travel together and have formed a close friendship not unlike that of their superiors and divine sponsors Olidammara and Fharlanghn. Corimyr is also quite close to the demi-goddess Rudd whom Olidammara also sponsored into godhood much like Corimyr.

Corimyr is also close friends with Talen, goddess of Frost and Winter whom he treats as a sister. Very few deities outright dislike Corimyr, though he certainly has his detractors.

Corimyr has a heated rivalry with the god Kurell whom views Corimyr’s grand success as a god of rogues and thieves to be a major threat to his own portion of that portfolio, and rightly so!

Unlike Olidammara, Corimyr also finds himself welcome in the company of some of the more evil deities, as his attitude against letting anything stand in his way borders on the malicious, something which bothers Olidammara a great deal.

Corimyr D'Argath

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