The Story So Far...

Our story begins with 9 individuals who have joined the Adventurer’s Academy in the Kingdom of Astoria. These 9 men and women worked their way through the academy to eventually graduate and join the Adventurer’s Guild who are responsible for the protection of the general populace.

In the middle of a seemingly normal day, couriers arrive at the Academy bearing gravely important news. The Tower of Akris has once again reached a state of threshold where many of its most dangerous monsters go into an extended hibernation, leaving the rest of the tower open for conquest.

The Guild, who has been seeking a way to end the war they have been continuously fighting in the south, sends an expedition made up of many of its most powerful members in an attempt to reach the top of the tower in hopes of slaying the dark god Akris, and taking the ultimate treasure laying atop the tower for the Guild, to use it to end the war.

The Players at this point were low ranked members of the guild, still too green to send south to the war, but strong enough that they could be of use. As such they accompanied the Tower Expedition as escorts and were to be assigned to the Guild garrison in the city of Veritus, that resides at the base of the Tower of Akris.

The Players however were not content to merely sit around in Veritus while the Masters of the Guild entered the tower, risking their very lives. So, defying the Guild Master’s orders of staying in Veritus, the party entered the Tower.

The first obstacle in their path inside the Tower was a massive ziggurat known as Kazrax. Kazrax was a veritable death trap filled with deadly puzzles and monsters. Fighting desperately through Kazrax, the party finally made it through, but not before acquiring a sentient book known as Morsma.

Morsma claimed to have once been a god, and that he will aid the party in their quest of reaching the top of the Tower so that he can find a way to finally free himself from the confines of the book.

In Kazrax, two of their number fell, and the 9 adventurers were reduced to 7.

After having traveled days through the twisting corridors of Kazrax, the party arrives at the second level of Tower of Akris, an enormous grassy plain known as the Plains of Sar’lochan. Hanging above the plains are enormous chunks of rock and dirt known as Sky Islands, or Earth Motes.

Through speaking with other adventurers climbing the Tower, the party discovers that there are 6 tiers to the tower, and that to reach the third tier, they must travel upwards many miles traveling from Sky Island to Sky Island. However, they also find out that they have 6 weeks before the path to the third tier opens up, as its entrance only reveals itself for a period of 3 days once every 6 weeks.

The party travels through the plains, discovering an enormous temple in the middle of a lake. After exploring the temple and defeating its guardian Mordan, the party makes their way up the sky islands and reaches a small settlement, known as the Garden. This settlement is like a small town surrounded by a magical force field. The players enter the town only to be discovered by the Guild Masters.

Though the Guild Masters are angry with the party for disobeying orders, they realize that there is nothing that can be done at this point, and decide to make the most out of the situation. Thus, the Masters give the party a mission to go back out into the plains and gather a precious mineral that the people of the Garden need to keep their force field powered.

The party agrees and heads out to a location known as Frostfire Citadel where a Lich named Laryl has made his base of operations. Laryl is known to have distilled the mineral that the party needs so they execute and infiltration of the citadel where they eventually encounter Laryl and are forced to fight.

The party emerges victorious and return to the Garden with the mineral (and a lot of treasure too). Though they have the mineral, someone has sabotaged the arcane device that powers the force field and disabled it. As this knowledge comes to light the Garden suddenly finds itself under attack by a horde of flying demons. The party and the towns inhabitants manage to fight them off, but the party must now find another source of the precious mineral as the last bit they found will not be enough to last the Garden due to the need of reactivating the field.

One of the party fell to the demons and so their numbers were reduced once more to 6.

Thus the party finds their way to the Dragonstone, an enormous series of tunnels and caves dug into the wall of the Tower itself. They fight their way through the Dragonstone and meet its ruller, an ancient vampiric dragon named Vazkrilinar.

Vazkrilinar tells the party that he has been watching their progress through the tower and that he will gladly give them what he seeks if they can defeat him (though he says being immortal he will not likely stay dead for long). The party along with other Guild members who had come with the Guild Masters fight Vazkrilinar and after a long and arduous battle, emerge victorious. Vazkrilinar having “recovered” from the party’s fatal blow gives them what he promised and reveals to the players some of the history of the tower.

With their objective complete, the party returns to the Garden. At this point 6 weeks have passed and the party can now make its way to the third tier, and area known as the Xerathi Swamps.



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