Champions Ride Forth…

The Kingdom of Caedil has been at peace for the last twenty years after having been saved from certain destruction at the hands of the Dark Lord Traedis by a group of adventurers known as the Champions of Caedil. The Champions have lived a calm and peaceful life since then, having settled down to raise families, their duty done to their kingdom.

However, darkness is once again on the horizon. There have been reports of strange men traveling the highroads, tall thin men with white pasty skin and sunken hollow eyes. Even more, there have been strange disappearances occurring throughout the realm, children vanishing from the beds in the night, never to be seen again. None are safe, even the Royal Family, as became clear after the disappearance of Prince Alexi, heir to the throne of Caedil.

The Champions of Caedil have been called forth once more, and they must now leave their families behind to answer that call, for the sake of all of Caedil. What foul darkness has set its sights upon the realm this time? Whatever it be, the Champions will see it destroyed.

Summer is coming…

Those three cryptic words hold more meaning than most would believe. For 9 young men and women of the Adventurer’s Guild those three words have set the course of their destiny and the fate of the Kingdom of Astoria

Within the confines of the Valley of Uruk stands a tower of monstrous size, at its base, a sprawling city, home to countless adventurers and ordinary citizens.

This tower is known, as the Tower of Akris. At its top, at a location known only as Heaven’s Reach, the Dark God Akris awaits, waiting for those who would dare challenge him by climbing his tower.

The hour of destiny is at hand…do you have what it takes to reach the top?


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